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How to choose the perfect diaper bag?

How to choose the perfect diaper bag?

Diaper bags are an essential when it comes to being a parent. They’re not just used to carry around diapers but a whole host of other necessary items too. Cups, toys, food and snacks, even mobile phones are often carried around in the bag, making it an integral bit of kit for any new parent.

So, we know that owning one is a requirement but how do you go about selecting the right one for you, your baby and your combined needs? First of all, it has to be functional and then there’s the fashion element to consider.

Function or fashion? Have both!

Functionality must be the priority; you need everything in your bag to be organized, easy to find and, of course, easy to carry. But remember, looking good is almost as important. After all, it is a bag you will have by your side every day of the week. There is a wide range of diaper bags out there that do both jobs effortlessly. It’s all about finding the bag that best works for you.

When you’re considering functionality, it has to be a diaper bag that is entirely functional for your needs. You have to remember that this bag isn’t just there to transport diapers and useful baby equipment and items around, it’s also there for you and what you need throughout the day. So there are a few things that you should consider.

Bags of Style

At Kute 'n' Koo, we understand what it’s like to be a new mom. All your energy and efforts are focused on your little one, that you don’t have time to think about yourself and what you like. However, you should remember that while you are catering for all the needs of your new child, it is you that’s wearing the bag, not your baby.

Make sure you pick a bag that gives you style, works with your fashion and above all, makes you happy. It’s not just practical, it’s a fashion piece, and it should be one that makes you feel good every time you pick it up. After all, it’ll be something you’ll be seen with every single day, let it make a statement about you as a person, not just as a parent.

Five Key Considerations When Choosing Your Perfect Diaper Bag

 1. Space

    You’re going to need space and plenty of it. You can never have enough. By buying a diaper bag that doesn’t have enough storage, you’re limiting yourself a lot.

    How much space do you need? It may seem hard to conceive the space you need, after all, your bundle of joy is small. However, the equipment you need isn’t. You’ll be packing in essentials for your baby such as;

    • diapers 
    • food and snacks
    • wipes
    • creams
    • changing mats
    • changes of clothes
    • toys
    • medicines, first aid, and all other tailored requirements.

    That just covers your baby though. There also needs to be room for the adult’s essentials too. Mobile phones, phone chargers, purses and wallets, snacks and sunglasses are all items that you can expect to find in a diaper bag. Don’t underestimate how much storage space you’ll need, give yourself that bit extra, so you have everything covered.

    Did you know? Our Must Have Backpack Diaper Bag has twelve storage compartments and even holds tablets and laptops up to 15”.

    2. Ease of use and access

    You don’t want to buy a bag that is going to leave you confused with a number of compartments that are tricky to get into. There will probably be times where you have to operate the bag one handed while changing your baby. So being able to gain access quickly is vital. Smooth running zips and Velcro are essential when looking for a bag you can use one-handed. Fiddly buttons and poppers may be too frustrating and waste valuable time.

    There will be other times where you are really pushed for time, so being able to use your diaper bag efficiently will be a life saver. 

    Did you know? Our Princess Anna Tote has an adjustable shoulder strap, perfect to keep your bag on you while rooting for the necessary object in the bag using just one hand.

    3. Design

    The design of the diaper bag can play a fundamental role in aiding both of the above. If the bag is designed well, you’ll have plenty of storage space, with pockets and pouches added to increase its capabilities even further.

    You should also look for a bag that when you unzip the main compartment that you can see most of what’s in there. If the opening is tight, it means having to rifle through to find what you’re looking for. Whereas if it opens widely, you’ll probably be able to locate what you need quickly, just by looking.  

    With so much being stored in the bag, it has to be able to support the weight of the items well. You don’t want a bag that drops, for example, because it is struggling to cope with what you’ve put in there. Always look for a diaper bag with zips too. They’re more secure. That way you know nothing will fall out.

    Did you know? Our Must Have Backpack Diaper Bag has a self-stand design so you can access everything you need without it falling on the floor. What’s more, it includes a changing mat as standard, that’s one less thing to pack, and you know it will always fit.

    4. Material/Fabric

    First of all the bag is likely to be heavy when it’s fully equipped. Some materials are heavy just by themselves. If you have to carry a diaper bag for long periods, you don’t want it to cause your muscle strain.

    You’ll be taking your diaper bag everywhere, so it’s likely that they will get dirty along the way. Finding a bag that has material that is easy to maintain and clean would be an advantage, rather than spending on a bag that after a few weeks looks scruffy. Look for a bag that has durable material or has a coating to protect against dirt and liquid.

    Did you know? Kute 'n' Koo diaper bags are both water resistant and super light weight.

    5. Cost

    The cost of diaper bags is wide ranging. You can buy budget bags right through to top end premium designer versions. You are better spending that bit extra to get a good quality bag. This is because cheap ones do tend to break. The zipper may get stuck; the material will be less durable too. It may get damaged by liquid, and the storage space is likely to be restricted.

    Your diaper bag is more like a companion that you’ll end up taking everywhere you go, so it has to be up to the job and by spending that little bit more, you’ll have reliability and peace of mind.

    Did you know? Kute 'n' Koo have a super-compact portable changing station bag that is just a small one-hand clutch bag, perfect for quick trips and when you’re on the go.

    Finding the bag for you

    There is an array of diaper bags available to buy in today’s market. It’s all about finding the one that suits you and your needs best. It’s always recommended that you check reviews left by previous buyers so you can see if what they’re saying relates to your situation in any way and whether they actually recommend the product before you buy it.

    You need to consider the most comfortable and practical bag for you; do you prefer a backpack or a shoulder bag? Is the bag you need an everyday bag or just a smaller option for quick trips? Think carefully about what you need, make a list of your requirements and then you’ll be able to find the best bag possible for your needs.


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