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Welcome to Kute ‘n’ Koo!  Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are simply two happy parents that went in business together with the sole purpose of providing parents like us and their children with the products they truly deserve!

Our story begins many years ago, when my wife and I moved from China to the States to study engineering and economics. We had already started thinking about creating a business together but the only thing we could do at the time, was to simply re-sell other companies’ and brands’ products to our customers.

While this business endeavor was surprisingly quite successful, it was not our dream, it was not our vision. Our goal had always been the same from the start; to design and offer items that we truly care about…products that we would use ourselves on a daily basis.

When my wife got pregnant with our first child, Anna, it was just the push we needed to make a change and stay true to our dreams.

Our first mission was to choose a product that will speak to every parent out there, a product of premium quality and unrivaled function. After days and weeks of research and with our experiences combined, we finally came to a decision! We decided to design our first diaper bag and that’s how Kute ‘n’ Koo was born!

Our designer diaper bag managed to bring together quality, comfort and style and offer loving parents a solution for all their child’s changing accessories and personal belongings! With multiple handy pouches and pockets, this diaper bag is extremely comfortable to carry, and to state that it is fashionable, would be an understatement!

If we only had one goal in mind for the future, it would certainly be to expand our collection of parenting goods but most importantly to develop our brand into a company that will pass the test of time and will survive long enough for our child to grow older and witness! We simply want our daughter to see what we have accomplished and be proud of her mom and dad. After all, isn’t that what parenthood is all about?

That might be our number one goal but our first priority has always been our customers. In fact, we can say without a shadow of a doubt, that we owe our company’s current success to you, our customers, the happy parents! If it wasn’t for our customers, our future would have been much different. This is exactly why we offer the best and friendliest customer support that will answer all your questions, deal with all your issues and offer you peace of mind for every single purchase.

Since we are a family owned and operated business, we always seek to extend these family values to our customers. The truth is we like to treat every single customer as family because after all, we are all a big family!

We want you to know that we understand your struggles and your challenges as a parent, because we are parents as well. That is why we want to help you ease some of that burden by providing you with nothing short of the quality, function and style you deserve.

So, feel free to browse through our store and pick something that you and your child will absolutely love! Thank you so much for choosing and supporting us!


Kute ‘n’ Koo

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